Heavy Metal Detoxification

iStock_000017246305XSmallMost people wonder why they should consider detoxing heavy metals from their body, especially if they weren’t exposed to metal in a straightforward way like using leaded paint or having mercury fillings in their teeth. Some metals, like zinc and iron, occur naturally in our bodies and are essential to leading a healthy life. Heavy metal toxicity occurs from the build-up of toxic metals over time. Our exposure to toxic metals on a daily basis is unknown to many people, and is one of the major contributing factors to cardiovascular disease and numerous neurological diseases. Heavy metals can impair multiple systems in our bodies, being the underlying cause of symptoms such as hormone imbalance, gastrointestinal upset, eczema, psoraisosis, and heart disease.

We treat heavy metal toxicity using a series of IV’s called Chelation Therapy (kee-lay-shun). A urine toxic metal test is taken after the initial IV treatment to determine which metals are most problematic to the patient. Each IV treatment is individualized to meet the needs of the patient. A series of ten chelation IV’s is typically recommended for optimum results.